Norman Baumgartner



Norman Baumgartner was born in Potsdam in 1989 and found his way to Swabia in 2015. He graduated from Stuttgart Media University (HdM) with a master’s degree in audiovisual media specializing in film/television. In addition, he was trained as a presenter at the Institut für Moderation. He has been working as a freelance presenter since 2016, working on various projects and events for HdM as well as Daimler and at the 24th and 25th  Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart. His interview partners include Hollywood celebrities such as Roger Spottiswoode and David Silverman. Norman Baumgartner has been living in Leipzig since September 2017 and recently completed his master’s thesis on the role of authenticity in online moderation. He also works as a presenter and producer for local television channel Leipzig Fernsehen.